Grupo Angolap  is a consulting company that has been showing strong growth in the Angolan market. The company was recently created through a partnership with three of the largest companies operating in strategic markets in Europe, Toysal, Celta Prix and Energya Sociedade Cooperativa. Our mission in the Angolan market is to discover and develop the Angolan market in various sectors. We also want to differentiate ourselves from the rest by presenting innovative solutions in the market. Part of the ANGOLAP group’s investment was to transform the company in order to become a more comprehensive group in terms of sector coverage, where we highlight our sustained growth in environmental services, construction, social services, energy, consulting and general trade .

Vítor Monteiro

Vítor Monteiro, the founding partner and president of the ANGOLAP group, has many years of experience in one of the most dynamic markets in the world, London and with several businesses in Portugal.
As a result of this experience, Vítor Monteiro founded the ANGOLAP GROUP supported by partnerships with the aforementioned companies.
The main objective of this group is to develop a wide range of company activities in the Angolan market.

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